Distributed Simulation of Agent-Based Systems

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Getting Started

How to compile

PDES-MAS is hosted on the Github repository. Use Git to clone it to your local repository:

git clone https://github.com/PDES-MAS/PDES-MAS.git

PDES-MAS uses CMake to manage its build process. Typically, you should use the Release target to achieve the best performance, and use Debug only when you’re debugging it. To build PDES-MAS, first, ensure that you have CMake installed. You can either use a package manager of download it manually from CMake official site.

Then, use CMake to generate the Makefile, build it in the ./bin directory:

mkdir bin
cd bin
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

After the Makefile has been generated, use make to build it:

make -j5

Running Example Code

There are already some standard examples of multi-agent system model, Tileworld is one of them.
And we’ve provided an example of this kind of agent. You can find it in your build directory after successfully built PDES-MAS. To run and test it, just use mpirun:

mpirun -np 15 tileworld